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Our Vision

Widespread understanding of how vital exercise is for the improvement of our health

  Our Mission

To promote improved health via the provision of tailored exercise programs, exercise education and the tools for self-management.



Why Body Link Health Clinic?

Director and exercise physiologist Matt devotes himself to understanding the complexities of chronic disease management. Matt is never content with his knowledge in the field, and is currently completing his PhD in exercise physiology for chronic disease, and translating that research into practice.

Your visit to Body Link Health Clinic should be a personal experience unlike conventional gyms, with the services being tailored to you and your unique needs



Physical Therapy 02At Body Link Health Clinic, we believe in empowering you in your journey to improved health. We are passionate about supplying education around exercise and lifestyle management. We are a resource for your self-management, providing all the information and making your active lifestyle easier for you. To maximise the benefit to you we believe in supplying a complete understanding of how the exercise and lifestyle modifications we provide link to the outcomes you desire. You have to know why you do things to understand how to progress them, and take control of the process.


Whether you are rehabilitating a workplace or sporting injury, or Physical Therapy 01managing a chronic health condition such as diabetes or
hypertension, we provide evidence-based exercise programs tailored to your goals to maximise your results. We strive to educate you as you progress, to ensure understanding of why you are completing every aspect of your program. After all, it is your program, we simply supply all the resources for you to work with.


Exercise Physiologists (AEPs) are Masters graduates with years of experience providing safe and effective programs to treat a number of chronic diseases, illnesses and injuries.